The Optigreen green roof system solutions
The natural beauty of green roofs - Optigreen system solutions for roof greening
Green roofs
Green roofs

    The green roof - there's one for everybody!

A green roof not only looks beautiful, it also offers a range of uses and even saves money. Green roofs protect the roof seal against extreme temperatures, hail and weather and in doing so doubles its lifespan.
A green roof reduces the burden on the canalisation system, especially in torrential rain as the green roof stores and evaporates 40- 99% of annual precipitation. Thus, it contributes significantly towards cooling the building, humidifying the air and filtering fine dust particles.
A green roof is recognised as a reduction measure with regard to the impact regulation under nature protection law; green roofs provide replacement living space for many kinds of animals.
A green roof enables the land to be utilised two-fold, allowing the owner to pay once but reap twice the benefits from his expensive plot - it creates additional living space. Today, green roofs are a permanent fixture in the sustainable construction methods of modern architecture.